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Culture Night Belfast 2016 0

Culture Night Belfast: A night of two halves?

Culture Night Belfast, part of the wider island of Ireland-wide celebration taking place annually on 21 September, is an event that I always make sure to attend, with my family,  regardless of the weather. Parking...

Hillsborough Castle. Photo: Sophie Hayles 0

A visit to Hillsborough Castle

I didn’t expect the Northern Irish residence of the British Royal Family and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to be a family-friendly attraction. But two adults (one pretty sceptical about my fascination...

Touring the Parliament Buildings (Stormont) © Aptalops 0

Symbolism and Symmetry at Stormont

Stormont is associated with scenes of massive political wrangling, with heavy bureaucracy, with feelings of immense frustration and confusion. I have made a few visits recently, and it’s disconcertingly peaceful and welcoming. The large...