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I am Belfast by Mark Cousins © Aptalops 1

‘I am Belfast’ by Mark Cousins

The latest work from director and film citric Mark Cousins (“I am Belfast“) is a genre-defying cinematic journey, a poetic and passionate tribute to his home city. I have huge respect for the commitment...

Photos © Emma Jane Grey 0

A Belfast Blog meets: Emma Jane Grey

A Belfast Blog asked to speak to Emma Jane Grey who is in the process of completing a PhD at the University of Aberdeen entitled ‘Archival Amnesia: Memory and Culture in Post-Ceasefire Northern Ireland’. Emma’s research focusses...

Merchandise in the Museum of Orange Heritage shop © Jonathan Brennan 0

Orange is the new black

Every week on my way to the supermarket I pass a brown sign pointing towards ‘Orange Heritage’. You can’t be in Belfast for long and not be aware of Orangemen – from mural depictions...